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This weekend's sale is 15% off of Rank 1!
i'v won more than 5 games but the /leaderboards won't update and i'm not getting my glimmer
Thanks Phren, on another note.. I am beind admitted to the Hospital for my pain I will let you all know what's up. I'll try to get on later on <3
Sniper, please put stuff like this in the Bugs forum, easier for me to manage. Also the recipes plugin and Slimefun don't like each other much :(
cant craft oasis drams, my matiears are not old
That hasn't been fixed, I've been told it's a random vanilla minecraft bug.
health is bugged again. you cant regen past normal health even with health boosting items
VVVVVV is my favorite game
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Server News

Sell Your Stocks

Whos Henry aOwnerAdmin posted Thu at 17:06

The Stock Market plugin isn't very popular and I want to trim down the server a little, so I will be removing the Stock Market in the coming days.

If you want to keep your money you have in stocks now, please sell them all!

Spread the word!

- Henry

Turf Wars Launch!

Whos Henry aOwnerAdmin posted Sep 24, 16

Turf Wars - New Gamemode

Turf Wars is now available, it's a brand new gamemode!

There are 2 teams, red and blue. You have to shoot the enemy players with your bow and arrow and every kill your team gains some lines of turf, the idea is to push the enemy back until you've taken over all of their land!

It's a fun and addictive gamemode and you also earn rewards in Survival by playing too.

Play Turf Wars now with /turfwars or /tw


Glimmer is a new cross-server currency. You will earn Glimmer by playing Minigames such as Turf Wars and you will get this Glimmer in Survival. You can then use Glimmer in the brand new Glimmer Trading Shop (/shop) to purchase special items or XP bonuses. The Trading Shop will change the items often and occasionally stock some special items.

I hope you all enjoy the new gamemode and the new direction the server is working towards, more miningames to come!

If you do find any bugs or issues, please let me know asap.

- Henry

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