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hey max u mind hopping on and "fixing" my name?
\/ another mail to add to my now 112 messages, thanks henry
cyber bully channels are cancer cancer cancer
This weekend's sale is 15% off of Rank 2!
suuuuuure rai, excuuuuses, you can't take back what you said :)
Did I say friend, sorry I mean, stalker, pest, tormentor and nag, sorry I was tired when I wrote that post
pssssst, this just in, rai considers me a friend :3
give it to raigna if im not on he said he'd give it to me
jups, minecraft crashed right as I picked it up, whenever we are both on ill give it to ya
* grumbling *. Turf Wars isn't even available yet. It's in the Beta stages, I've just opened it up occasionally to let people test it.
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Server News

August Members

Whos Henry aOwnerAdmin posted Aug 2, 16

August Members

Congratulations to the following player (or players) who got Member for the month of August:

  • kittycraft169
  • EnderEmeraldEE
  • Panda_Girl

If you know anyone who has passed the requirements of 6days playtime and over 100 votes for August, let Henry know.

Also congratulations and thanks to Sabiishii for becoming the Top Voter!

- Henry

Updated to Minecraft 1.10.2

Whos Henry aOwnerAdmin posted Jul 17, 16


Update: PlotMe, Parkour and KitPvP are updated too. Any bugs, let me know.

The Survival server is now compatible with Minecraft 1.10.2! So you can now use the latest version in your Minecraft Launcher to play on the server.

Whilst I have done extensive testing with the plugins, no doubt there will be a few bugs. If you do find any, please do make a post on the Server Bugs and Glitches forum so I can take a look at the bug and hopefully fix it asap!

In regards to the map, if you see an error and it doesn't load, just SHIFT-Reload the page and it should work.

- Henry

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Cheers, Henry!
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