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Sniper, that's how normal mc works with the increasing health attribute.
I found what was causing the health boost glitch, you can regen all of your health but when you swich items it goes back to your normal health, I think this is a spigot glitch
yay, congratulations cait :d
Also, Anorchous has been made a permanent Moderator! Woop!
Finally caught up with the Updates on the website -->
This weekend's sale is 15% off of Rank 5!
The custom mobs have been put back in to test the crashing! Enjoy!
J, I added a iron spawner to the area I steal your iron from aye. Also ban me! Aye!
Yeah please pal, be a dear and ban them ;)
want me to ban them for griefing???
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Server News

Turf Wars Launch!

Whos Henry aOwnerAdmin posted Sep 24, 16

Turf Wars - New Gamemode

Turf Wars is now available, it's a brand new gamemode!

There are 2 teams, red and blue. You have to shoot the enemy players with your bow and arrow and every kill your team gains some lines of turf, the idea is to push the enemy back until you've taken over all of their land!

It's a fun and addictive gamemode and you also earn rewards in Survival by playing too.

Play Turf Wars now with /turfwars


Glimmer is a new cross-server currency. You will earn Glimmer by playing Minigames such as Turf Wars and you will get this Glimmer in Survival. You can then use Glimmer in the brand new Glimmer Trading Shop (/shop) to purchase special items or XP bonuses. The Trading Shop will change the items often and occasionally stock some special items.

I hope you all enjoy the new gamemode and the new direction the server is working towards, more miningames to come!

If you do find any bugs or issues, please let me know asap.

- Henry

September Members

Congratulations to the following players for getting Member in September:

  • instant39for
  • swen_03

Seriously, anyone else that has hit the mark for Member this month? I'm sure there are I just can't think of any off the top of my head. Let me know!

Thank you to Jupiters for getting Top Voter for August also!

Turf Wars Coming Soon

Turf Wars is coming along really well, I haven't opened it up to anyone in a while due to me working on the more behind the scenes updates for it. So here's the plan...

The core gamemode of Turf Wars is pretty much done, I need to setup other things like leaderboards, top kills... etc. That will be done soon. I have mainly been working on a cross-server reward system, it sounds simple but incredibly hard to get right. I've created the scripts for it and they're working very well, almost too well.

The plan is to reward players for playing Turf Wars and any future minigames in Survival too. I want to create more of a unified network rather than a collection of independent servers.

We will be using Glimmer as the currency again! Your old ones won't work though... Shame, so don't even try. We plan on having a Glimmer Trading shop which will offer a collection of the existing items we have on the server and a few new ones too. These items will change every month or so.

Max has also been hard at work creating a ticket system, different tickets will grant different rewards in the shape of Bundles. A physical item that, when right-clicked, will give you a collection of items based on a theme. This ticket system is a work in progress and will be an update AFTER Turf Wars has been released. We really want to make it something special.

I'd also like to apologise for not being on the server much recently, Summer has been a busy time for me work-wise but I'm hoping this upcoming update will be worthwhile.

- Henry

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