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So when should we do the group photo ;)
Same, was nice to see and talk to the oldies
Happy 4 year server anniversary, everyone! It was p cool seeing everyone again and I hope this server lives on another year!
There's 20% off of the Extras Category on the shop this weekend. [link]
Doofus <3
I meant 02/22 sshh, happy birthday tho ly bb :pp <33
Also "23/2"... Silly americans!
Lost a mystic pearl to the /gmc bug
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Server News

Moving to new Server hardware UPDATED!

Whos Henry aOwnerAdmin posted Mar 13, 17

UPDATE 2: The Survival server is now back online, everything has been converted to the new Server Hardware and seems to be running fine! Please report back with any errors or bugs. Otherwise, play as normal! KitPvP will be returning soon.

UPDATE: The Survival server is now offline until all of the data and files have been moved to the new hardware. This is to prevent loss of progress for you all! Keep up to date with the server on Discord or on this Website.

Hello everyone!

Some of you know that I've been speaking about 'downgrading' or simply switching server hardware. There's many reasons for this. 

Since 30th July 2014 the server has been running on the same hardware and server processor, same amount of RAM etc. Since then, prices have increased, exchange rates have changed and I could no longer really afford to keep the same setup. Another reason was that I never really used the hardware to its full potential, out of the total 64GB of RAM I could have allocated to servers such as Survival, KitPvP etc I only had around 27GB of used RAM.

So as well as the extra RAM I had, I wasn't maxing out the performance of the processor either. I've been searching around for other server options and have since found one and bought it for a month so far.

I've spent hours today setting it up and getting it ready to switch over, this new server hardware is technically more adapt for game servers such as Minecraft. It includes Anti-DDOS as standard and the processor is faster than the old one so you shouldn't even see a drop in performance and it should cope easily with the Survival server and it's not as expensive as the old one which was the whole point in moving in the first place.

So my next move now is to upload all of the data from the current server hardware (what you're playing on now) to the new one, this includes plugin data, inventories, stats, worlds etc etc. It totals a lot of data that needs to be uploaded... I'm going to start with the not-so-important stuff first, data which doesn't change such as old worlds like Survival 2 and Survival 1 and some other plugin data. 

When the time comes that I need to upload all of the data that changes day to day by you guys (inventories, stats, S4 and S3), there will be a downtime of the server for maintenance. This is so that there's no loss of data between switching to the servers. Technically, I could have the server up and running whilst I upload all of this data, but that would be wasted hours for you so it's probably best just to have the server down for the time that I need to make the changeover and test, who knows how long this will be.

I think that's all I have to say for now, thanks for reading (those of you who did)!

This switchover has been hanging over me for a while now and I've been wanting to do it, once it's sorted, then I can focus more on new content.

- Henry

March Members

Whos Henry aOwnerAdmin posted Mar 3, 17

Congratulations to the following players for getting Member for March:

  • BookwormBumpkin
  • WMichelley

If anyone else has the requirements for Member, let me know!

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